Patience is a Blessing During Times of Change

This is an old private post from June 25, 2016. Life became so busy that I forgot to make it public. Being that it is such a huge part of what is going on in my life now I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and share it with you guys. Have a great end of your summer. πŸ™‚


“Change is a comin'”, is all I can think for the last few weeks. After 3 years my husband and I will be moving back to Texas. We had planned on staying in Hawaii until our boys earned their degrees. We knew to expect 3 to 5 years. I hoped for 5 my husband hoped for 3, ha ha! We are excited to say that they will both finish school this summer, our daughter’s husband and our son! Their hard work we hope will help them reach their dreams.

Now it’s time for us to keep our word and move back to the mainland. Hawaii has been a dream home for us with the exception of missing our adult children. We tried our best to convince them to move here but it was no use. We don’t want to force our desires on them so we are returning. We miss them too much to stay on island.

We have been packing for 2 weeks now. Who knew that a such a tiny condo could hold so much stuff? I’ve already thrown out and given away a good many items. We are finding that plans for shipping crates and cars are a bit more involved than we first thought. We are getting through it though.

Remember patience, it not only is a virtue, it is a blessing to yourself. I try to remember the sun is shining, the great outdoors is calling, there are pets and people to love and birds are announcing there’s more to life than to-do lists, traffic jams and jobs. Patience can give you peace even when your life is full of chaos.

Wishing you Joy!

Moving Day

Moving Day



We’ve temporarily settled into a place south of Austin Texas. It is truly a lovely area. Palm trees and cacti growing together. We are blessed to be living closer to our children!Β 

Now we are job hunting once again. Being that we just did this a few years ago it isn’t very difficult. The interviews are helping John and I get familiar with the area. We are enjoying meeting the locals. Southern hospitality is alive and well here, y’all! Raise your sweet tea glass or whiskey glass to Texas!!

If you’ve never been to Texas, you really ought to come on over here!



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