OK, it is obvious that I have no work to show for August. Life became a little hectic with moving to a new city but still close to our old home. My husband and I really like our new place.

Our new neighbors are friendly and giving people.



It is a delight to hear the children playing ball and riding bikes outside while I work.

The property grounds and park areas are kept by some respectful, friendly people.

We have a little spot for me to garden and a lanai to sit outside and eat lunch.



The flowering trees and bushes all around the property make for wonderful aromas in the morning and evening.

The monkey pod trees and giant ivy are a welcome sight when driving down our boulevard.

The beautiful waterfall is a delight to hear and see as I walk past.

I look out at the mountains and palm trees when I wake in the morning and thank God for being able to live here.

I am inspired every morning to hurry and take care of what needs to be done so that I can start working on my photos and art.

Sigh, the only thing keeping me from thinking this is heaven is that my adult children and their spouses aren’t here with us. I LOVE YOU my dear children! Hugs and kisses. Your dad and I can’t wait to fly out and see you guys!!


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