About 15 Minutes? Yeah, Right!

I was listening to a webinar. The man said, “Sure go to WordPress.com and set up a web site. It will take about 15 minutes!” This is like, year 3 for me. I got on my site tonight thinking I’d respond to some posts and comments. I was able to do it once. Now I can’t comment or like on the other blogs. Hmm…

It often seems that the simpler an action is for everyone the more difficult it is for me. Like putting gas in the car. Yep, I quit doing that. My husband does that for me now. The last time I put gas in the car it took me 15 minutes to pump .30 cents, or a few drops, into the tank. I used to fill my car with gas all the time. Maybe the older I get the…hmm… there can’t be a real reason for that. Maybe, the internet is out to get me! Hahaha! I don’t believe that.

I am happy that I finally learned to post! While I figure out what I’m doing wrong please forgive me if I like and unlike a post several times or seem to totally ignore your comment. You bloggers are so talented and don’t even know it. I now have put anyone who has a blog on a pedestal so high that there are angels singing, “ahhhhh” next to you. I’ll get there too, some day, just not today.


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