Wow! February Already?

Is it already 2015, and February at that? Last year went by so quickly!

First I wanted to let you know, yes, I’ve archived all my work because I don’t know how to make WordPress work the way I need it to. However, I have a few family members who are helping me work out the kinks in my brain so that I can get this going, yay! While I work on that I thought I’d write an update to let you know that, yes, I’m still here and creating. You can check out my link.

I hope you all had a fantastic New Years Day. Now Valentine’s Day is upon us! Making plans for your day with friends and loved one(s). I plan on spending time with family at the beach having a BBQ. I love holidays, weekends, family and yep, my photo business.

I finally caught up enough on processing to say I’m only about 6 months behind. I love processing photos, then working with them until I think to myself, “Woah, I don’t need to get too crazy with this!” Then I take a break, come back to it later and tweak it so that it’s something I’d enjoy letting others see or hanging on my wall.

Come to think of it I only have 2 things hanging on the walls in my whole home! A clock and a painting done by a family member. Haha! It’s not all that bad. I prefer filling my shelves with art and photos.

It's all on shelves

It’s all on shelves.

That’s my update. Now it’s time for some Taco Bell and some TV so I feel refreshed and ready to work again. Have a blessed day all!


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